Class News

Third graders at H.B. Milnes celebrated the culmination of our biography reading unit by participating in a "Living Museum." First, each student selected an accomplished person of interest to research.  Then, third grade teachers communicated with Mrs. Nafz at the Maurice Pines Fair Lawn Public Library, and she displayed a variety of leveled biographies for students to choose from.  All of the research was completed in class, so students had to read properly leveled books.  Our third grade team of teachers guided students in taking notes about their subjects' biographical information, obstacles they faced and overcame, and their accomplishments. Once their research was complete, third graders had to write a 5 paragraph report, which they shared in class.  Finally, all third grade teachers assisted their students in developing oral presentations.  They followed teachers' guidelines in writing notes for their presentations on index cards and made two sets; one to study at home and one to practice in school.  Finally, on the day of the "Living Museum," students brought costumes and props.  They were prepared to present everything they learned about their accomplished subject in first person, as if they were the person they studied. Students wore "PLAY" buttons, so visitors would gently tap their button to signal students to begin their presentations.
Second and fourth graders were invited to see the "Living Museum," and of course, parents and families welcomed the opportunity as well.  Everyone enjoyed this remarkable event, as third graders celebrated their own major accomplishments.