Class News

Grade 5

Our new year is off to a wonderful start!  Fifth graders are well-rested and ready for some new and challenging learning experiences!  The children loved performing for their families during their last winter concert at Milnes. Thank you to everyone that came out to support them!

During math, students have been learning about decimals and coordinate grids.  Playing Hidden Treasure and Over and Up Squares, Everyday Math games,were a huge hit with students when practicing how to plot points.  After completing Unit 4, our next unit will focus on operations with fractions, specifically multiplication and division.  

In reading and writing, we have started our work on nonfiction.  Students have been learning about the different types of nonfiction, text structures, text features, and strategies to use when reading nonfiction.  Students will  also be using a new website, Newsela, which is focused completely on nonfiction current events.

Students will be extending their knowledge of nonfiction when writing a research essay on a chosen topic related to Westward Expansion.  Children have started their research, and are bursting with information!  

At the beginning of February, we will be switching back to science. Students will begin our next unit on Earth Science.  We will also be going to the high school planetarium as a part of our curriculum.  

Stay warm!