Class News


Second Graders are discovering the world of fairy tales during their Reading and Writing Workshops, this marking period.  We will be exploring many interesting stories and writing our own adaptations.  We will be learning the characteristics of fairy tales.  We will also be bringing characters to life using reader’s theater.


We have recently been exploring Whole Numbers and Number Stories in Mathematics.  We are learning about collecting and displaying data on various types of graphs, and we are also being introduced to comparison number stories, where we learn to use subtraction strategies and two-step number stories, where we use the information given to decide how to solve both steps of a story. 


Science exposes us to the world of Ecosystems.  Here we are studying a variety of habitats and the interactions between living and non-living things.  We learn how plants and animals are interdependent in every ecosystem, and we realize that plants and animals must adapt to their specific environment as well.  We have enjoyed planting seeds and watching them grow!