Class News

We all soared into Second Grade!  The children are excited to be here and are learning to be more responsible by keeping their areas organized, recording their homework on a daily basis, and turning in assignments when they are due.  We continue to appreciate our classroom as a community of learners.

World Citizen badge

In Social Studies, we are learning about what it means to be a good citizen and we have been sharing what our responsibilities are at school and at home.  It turns out that Second graders are responsible for so many things like homework, taking care of pets, and helping with the dishes…just to name a few!  We have also been learning about Economics! Be sure to ask us what we know about wants and needs and supply and demand.

We have  been busy during our reading workshop.  We have been delving into interesting texts and building our reading muscles by increasing our stamina and developing good reading habits.

Our Spelling lessons highlight short and long vowel sounds, word families and letter patterns. We are working our way through the writing process. We are working with vivid verbs and similes in our writing.

In Mathematics, we are developing our understanding of numbers and routines, place value, addition and subtraction, number stories and strengthening our fact power.  We will continue to practice addition and subtraction facts throughout the year.  Please help us by reinforcing these important concepts at home. Be sure to practice using the Reflex Math website. The children all have passwords and enjoying practicing until they hit the green light!

In Science we will soon begin to explore Matter.  We will determine that everything we see, feel, touch or taste is a solid, liquid, or a gas .