Class News

Our third graders have been immersed in reading biographies. Having delved into the lives of the people they read about, their obstacles and challenges, students gained respect and admiration for their remarkable accomplishments. Our exciting culminating activities gave students opportunities to share the knowledge they learned with family and friends. After writing comprehensive book reports about their subjects of interest, we celebrated by presenting our “Living Museum.” Parents, family members, and friends adored visiting our “Living Museum” and seeing our third graders dressed as the subjects of their studies. They presented brief summaries of the people they represented and answered questions when asked.  All four classes did a beautiful job! Kudos to you, third graders!

            Currently our young writers are enjoying planning and writing realistic fiction stories.  They use a “Plot Coaster,” which is basically a story mountain, to develop their characters, setting, plot, and resolution. It’s awesome to watch them expand their imaginations, as they build upon their plots and create climaxes that will drive them to resolve their stories. All of our students are excited about the way their stories are taking shape, and they appreciate the opportunities they have to meet with their writing partners for additional guidance and suggestions. We all look forward to the day we get to share their final stories with one another.

            As we dive into Unit 6 of our Everyday Math Series, our third graders are reviewing number operations and preparing to increase their knowledge about fractions. Additionally, our students have been provided with Fraction Action booklets, which further familiarize them with concepts of fractions; fraction circles, fraction lines, and equivalent fractions. The spiraled approach of instruction that our Everyday Math Series provides promotes a strong foundation of all mathematic skills.

            As spring approaches, our students continue working like busy bees!  Keep up the good work third graders!