Class News

It seems like yesterday when we celebrated our first day of school. I enjoyed meeting one another at Back-To-School Night.  September just flew by!  We are a large group of 4 classes including many new H.B. Milnes students. As a result, our students are already developing new friendships. Simultaneously, third graders are also adjusting to the more rigorous expectations of their third grade classrooms.

As students transition to the structures of our programs, they are learning to become more autonomous and responsible.  They’re not only learning to organize their materials, but they are developing strategies for organizing their thoughts.  Presently, our classes are immersed in Narrative Writing Pieces.  We are doing close readings with our independent books and growing ideas about our characters. 

Additionally, as we learn about our geographical location on Earth, third graders are learning their home addresses and how to write them correctly on envelopes.  As we delve into our social studies curriculum, we talk about zooming out from our homes to learn about the world around us. Students are learning the name of our town, county, state, country, and even the name of the continent we live on. Third graders are fascinated with maps and globes and show great enthusiasm for further learning. There is so much to look forward to as we take off this year!