Learning This Week...


For the Week of May 14, 2018

 Reading Workshop Unit 5: Reading Super Powers

This week in Reading Workshop we will be use different reading techniques to make meaning from the characters in our fiction stories.  We will use techniques like "Stop & Think" and acting out portions of the text.

We continue to focus on fluent reading by making our words sound like talking when we read, and by thinking about what our book is about. The students will also spend some time working with their reading buddies on retelling a story and engaging in meaningful book talk.
 Writing Workshop Unit 5: Persuasive Writing of All Kinds

This week in Writing Workshop we will be continuing to develop our persuasive writing craft.  The students have been exploring ways authors can be "agents of change."  They finished up their letters to teacher and have begun working on letters to the principal or some other school staff member to advocate for a change in the school or something they feel the school needs.  We have been working on developing three different reasons to support our opinion!

 Phonics Letters/Sounds: Long i         
Red Words: reviewing previous red words

This week in Phonics we will be learning about the long i sound a We will learn about the new sound by completing a sort of words that do and do not begin with the same sound. The students will learn how to properly form the uppercase and lowercase letter, and will practice this skill on paper and dry erase boards. To end our week we will practice writing dictated sounds, letters, and a sentence.

We will also work on identifying both beginning and ending sounds in words, and take part in a vowel activity where students will be challenged to identify the vowel sound in a CVC word.
 Math (EverydayMath) Section 9

This week in Everyday Math, we will be starting section 9.  Below is a list of lessons and activities we will be completing this week in math.

Lesson 9.1 Make My Design.

*understand shapes and patterns

Lesson 9.2 Subtraction Top-It.

*understand subtraction

Lesson 9.3 “What’s My Rule?” with Numbers.

*understand addition and subtraction

Lesson 9.4 Backpack Math: Height, Width and Area. *understand different ways to measure


Social Studies
We have finished up our Social Studies unit on Community.  Students learned all about their community and the various helpers that live all around our neighborhood. 

This week we will be talking about Living and Non Living things in Science.  Students will learn the attributes of living vs. non living and engage in various activities to demonstrate their understanding of what makes something living vs. non-living. 
 Read Aloud This week we will be reading books about Spring, Friendship and Social Skills. 

Shared Reading:
Poem- Wash Your Hands