Learning This Week...


For the Week of Sept. 24th

 Reading Workshop Unit 1: Launching Reading Workshop/ We Are Readers

This week the students will be focusing on all the details they see in illustrations. We will learn that readers "touch and tell" to pay close attention to all the details in a story. We will work more on sharing our thoughts and stories with a buddy, and we will begin partner reading.
 Writing Workshop    
Unit 1: Launching Writing Workshop/ True Stories About Me

This week the students will be writing a collaborative writing story in Shared Writing. We will brainstorm an idea to write about and illustrate it. The students will learn how to sketch their stories quickly so they don't forget their ideas, but may go back to add more details later. We will also use an alphabet chart to label all the important things in our drawings.

 Phonics This week we are learning the sounds of /g/, /c/, and /t/. We will learn how to write each uppercase and lowercase letter, and work on identifying words that begin with each letter.

During phonics, we will be focus on fine motor development such as pencil grip, appropriate coloring, and cutting skills.
 Math (EverydayMath) In Everyday Math, the students will be focusing on numbers. We will take a number walk around our classroom to notice all the places we see numbers, and discuss how numbers and letters are different. We will begin exploring the numbers 0 and 1. We will also be talking about our class birthdays as we graph the number of students with birthdays in each month.
Social Studies
Unit 1: School and Community

This week we will be focusing on the word respect We will talk about what we think the word respect means and how we can be respectful to ourselves, our classmates, and our classroom/school. We will read the book "Show Some Respect" and watch a video clip.
 Read Aloud "The Little Engine That Could"

"Caps For Sale"

"Leo the Late Bloomer"

"Nugget and Fang" 

"Show Some Respect"
We are working on developing social communication skills. We're going to learn how to share our thoughts with a friend and how to take turns when talking with someone .