Learning This Week...


For the Week of December 4, 2017

 Reading Workshop Unit 3: Reading Super Powers

This week in Reading Workshop we will be finishing up our unit of Reading Super Powers. The students have been working on using their super powers to help them read their books independently. Some of these powers include pointer power, sound power, rereading power, and picture power, just to name a few. 

We will be focusing on fluent reading by making our words sound like talking when we read, and by thinking about what our book is about. The students will also spend some time working with their reading buddies on retelling a story and engaging in meaningful book talk.
 Writing Workshop Unit 3: Looking Closely Books

This week in Writing Workshop we will be finishing up our unit of Looking Closely Books. The students have been working as scientist to notice details on objects. After noticing details, the students wrote books using descriptive words and even challenged themselves to write a second or even a third sentence!

We will be working on adding a third sentence to our pages by writing what the details remind us of. For example, the students noticed that my leaf had a long, skinny stem so they came up with these sentences "This leaf has a stem. The stem is long and skinny. It reminds me of a snake." to add to my book. We will also begin publishing our favorite looking closely book by using a few new writer's checklists.
 Phonics Letters/Sounds: Jj        
Red Words: do, my

This week in Phonics we will be learning about a new sound and two new words. We will learn about the new sound by completing a sort of words that do and do not begin with the same sound. The students will learn how to properly form the uppercase and lowercase letter, and will practice this skill on paper and dry erase boards. We will also learn two new songs, one for each of our new red words. These songs will be practiced each morning. We'll even write these words over bumpy screens for a multisensory learning experience. To end our week we will practice writing dictated sounds, letters, and a sentence.

We will also work on identifying both beginning and ending sounds in words, and tae part in a vowel activity where students will be challenged to identify the vowel sound in a CVC word.
 Math (EverydayMath) Section 3

This week in Everyday Math, we will be finishing up section 3 and moving into section 4. We will be working on four new math centers on Friday. Below is a list of lessons and activities we will be completing this week in math.

Lesson 3.12 Monster Squeeze
*number recognition and number comparisons
Lesson 3.13 Numbers on Slates
*number formation and numeration skills
Lesson 4.1 Attribute Blocks
*sorting, classifying, and comparing attribute blocks
Lesson 4.2 Shapes by Feel
*describe shapes and attributes
Social Studies
We have finished up our Science unit of Weather and Energy. The students noticed weather patterns and learned about severe weather, among others. 

This week we will be talking about how we can stay healthy during cold and flu season. We will be watching a video on BrainPopJr. to help us learn about what a cold really is and how we can help ourselves feel better. *It's important to discuss staying healthy at home too.* The students will also learning about properly washing their hands and why it's important to wash for so long.
 Read Aloud This week we will be reading books about December weather and snow. We will be reading the following book titles:

"100 Snowmen"
"The Biggest Snowman Ever"
"Sneezy the Snowman"
"The Story of Snow"
"Snowmen at Play"
 Others Interactive Writing: 
We will begin a new book titled "Things I Can Do" where the students will work on sharing the pen to write the story. The pattern we will focus on this week is "I can _____ (action word depicted in picture)."

Shared Reading:
Poem- "The Gingerbread Man
Reading A-Z- "My Pet Dinosaur" (level B)