Class News
In reading, we are using our reading super powers to help us be even better readers! Our super powers are strategies to help us read. Each day, we review, then learn a new super power which we add to our chart, model then practice. The children read independently first, then with a reading buddy. Our super powers include...

Pointer Power - point to every word on the page as you read!
Super Sight - look at all of the details on every page!
Snap Word Power - read sight words on the pages that we already know and can read in a snap!
Pattern Power - noticing if pages in a book have a repeating pattern!
*GoNoodle has a great video to reinforce this skill, called "Banana, Banana, Meatball!"* 
Expression Power - using expression to read with enthusiasm, instead of reading like a robot! *GoNoodle has a great video to reinforce this skill, called "Don't Read Like a Robot!"*
Re-Reading Power - read a book again and again to build fluency!
Picture Power - look at the pictures on the pages to help give you clues about the words! 


In writing, our class has been pretending to be scientists, looking closely to observe, draw and write what they see! The children use writing strategies to help them write the best they can! Our young authors stretch out their words by saying them slowly, writing every sound they hear to phonetically spell. The alphabet chart displayed on our wall and the individual alphabet charts in their writing folders are also great tools to help them write! Of course, the word wall, which is currently displaying about 60 words that young writers use often in their writing, is also an important tool the children utilize in their writing daily!

Every week we focus on a new letter, in which we brainstorm and generate a class list of words that start with the weekly sound/letter, illustrate with drawings in our alphabet notebooks, practice writing the weekly letter in both lower case and upper case, and complete a sort of pictures that start and do not start with the weekly sound/letter. We also watch/listen to a short silly video/song for each new letter.

Every week we use a multi sensory approach to practice weekly sight words. This includes, say, whisper, shout the word, clap, pound, tap, stomp, stretch the word, sky write, spell, and write the word on the smart board, individual white boards and then paper. 

At the end of each week, we also complete a dictation in which the children write the sounds, words and a sentence they hear me dictate to the class.

We also have a variety of games that the children have the opportunity to play during each day to practice their letter, sound and word identification/recognition and spelling. 

We are beginning Section 4 of Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics. The topics we will be learning for the next few weeks include...

-Counting by tens and counting on
-Exploring weight and capacity 
-Composing and decomposing numbers
-Combining shapes

*Please continue to reinforce the skills taught in class at home. Have a great weekend and Happy December! I can't believe how fast the school year is going by! See everyone for Parent-Teacher Conferences soon, Dec. 11-22!



We had a great week in Kindergarten! The children really enjoyed visiting and shopping at the Milnes PTA Holiday Boutique! We also started Spanish, with Señora Albino, which our class is scheduled for every Thursday morning!

This week's new letter was J/j/ (jam).
This week's new sight words were 'my' and 'do'. 



Another great week in Kindergarten! The children were so excited to share with the class and myself about their Thanksgivings with their families! We were very happy to hear about family trips and big bowls of mashed potatoes! 

This week's new letter was U/u/ (umbrella).
This week's new sight words were 'we' and 'can'. 


Wow! What an exciting week in Kindergarten! Our young learners were so happy to share with you songs and poems to celebrate with their families at our Kindergarten Thanksgiving Celebration! The children prepared in our class for the celebration by learning about Thanksgiving through literature, discussion and activities, learning and practicing songs and poems about Thanksgiving along with the other Kindergarten classes, as well as created their own paper bag turkey costumes and feather head bands that they wore so proudly at the celebration! The children did such a great job and we are all so proud of them! We really appreciate you taking the time to be there for the children's big performance! 

After the celebration, with the help of our wonderful class parents, the children enjoyed a Thanksgiving Feast in our classroom! Before the celebration, the children had the opportunity to help set the tables for the Thanksgiving Feast with materials and paper products I purchased for the occassion! We first washed the tables, then the children at each table used teamwork to put plastic orange table cloths on, then each child set their place at the table with the placemat they created the day before, a thanksgiving themed paper plate, an orange napkin to the right and a plastic fork and spoon next to each other on the napkin. We then finished the tables by placing small buckets of orange flowers on each table to decorate with a center piece! The children really enjoyed being able to participate in setting the tables like a real Thanksgiving Feast! This was also a great opportunity for the children to use teamwork as well as to practice applying a new math skill we are learning, in which is understanding and applying the use of positional words, such as on, next to, beside, above, in front of, behind, right and left.

During the feast, the children enjoyed traditional Thanksgiving foods, prepared and served by our class parents, including turkey, mashed potatoes, corn muffins, cranberry sauce, apple pie and pumpkin pie! It was all very delicious! 

The children created place mats the day before by coloring their Thanksgiving picture with crayons, which I then laminated in order for the children to use at our Feast, as well as to use at home!

Our Kindergarten Celebration and Feast was very successful and so much fun!
Thank you to all who helped make this event possible and for those who attended! 

Hope everyone had a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving with their families! 

Ms. Mezzadri 


Free Choice Time! - The children have the opportunity to explore, create, build, socialize, building friendships, and improving fine and gross motor skills as well as being creative and learning how to work with others during free choice time at the end of every school day from 2:15-2:45! The children love using play doh,  building blocks, legos, pattern blocks, drawing, playing board games, doing puzzles, shopping and buying and cooking grocery items with our pretend play plastic food, grocery carts, cash registers filled with paper money and plastic coins, and our play kitchen and so much more!!

free choice time
    play doh
grocery cart candy land


New rug!! - The children are really enjoying a new addition I purchased for our classroom! This rug adds so much color to the classroom, and allows every child in the class to have their very own special spot to sit! We change special rug spots monthly!

classroom rug 


November 2017 - Our Fall turkeys for November displayed proudly in our classroom to celebrate Thanksgiving! The children wrote one thing they were thankful for on each feather and then glued together all of the parts, and folding the legs like an accordion! The children really enjoyed creating these silly looking turkeys! This activity was a great way to practice writing, stretching out words and writing every sound they heard to phonetically spell! The children really enjoyed creating these turkeys, writing words they were thankful for such as family, friends, food, home, school, toys, pets, etc! 

November turkeys


October 2017 - Our Fall Frankensteins for October displayed proudly in our classroom to celebrate Halloween! The children created their own Frankenstein, rolled dice to choose their numbers and used the 'frankenline' to help them solve! The children were so creative with the design of their Frankenstein's hair, each one was unique! This activity was a great way to practice following directions, cutting, gluing, and math! It was so much fun! 

October Frankensteins


September 2017 - Our Fall apples for September displayed proudly in our classroom to celebrate Back2School! The children crumpled small pieces of red, yellow and green tissue paper and glued them in place to decorate their apple any way they chose! Some of the children created a pattern, and some children created designs! The children were so creative and really enjoyed the activity! 

September apples