What We Will Be Learning This Week
What We Will Be Learning This Week-
Word Work- This week we will focus on the letter J. Please continue to help your child review all previously taught letters and sounds. Please encourage them to think of words with this sound. 

Our two new snap words this week are "do and my." Please remember to cut these words out and place them in the blue bag for safe keeping. Please continue to review all previously taught snap words. 

Don't forget to check your child's folder on Wednesday for our Alphabet notebooks. 

Writing- We will wrap up our Looking Closely unit. We will talk about ways to revise and edit our pieces to publish them. We will focus on adding spaces between our words and adding more details to our pictures. 

Reading- We will continue to use our Super Powers to help us read. Please continue to read with your child at home and encourage them to use their super powers to decode words. 

Science- We will conclude our weather unit by talking about ways to stay safe from the sun. 

Math- We will practice writing numbers and counting. We will also talk about ways to describe shapes by their attributes. Please encourage your child to practice counting to 20 and writing numbers 1 to 10. Don't forget to check out Connect Ed for some math games.