Class News

We wanted to take the opportunity to share what we are doing in Science.  As many of you know, the fifth graders go to Buehler Challenger Center during the winter.  The Fair Lawn Board of Education supports this endeavor and we are very thankful for this.  Our students spend many hours preparing and learning about our mission to the moon.  

Experiments take place in our classroom to simulate what will happen once we blast off!  One task is to be able to communicate with each other without using our voices.  Children were put into partnerships.  They each had a baggie with toothpicks and gumdrops.  Their task was to create a model and then using post-its only, their partner was to re-create it.  The children learned that it was difficult to follow written directions and not be able to ask questions verbally.  They had to be as specific as possible without making the directions too wordy.  They loved this task.

Another task the students loved was to learn more about craters.  Various stations were set up in our classrooms.  Students were put into groups to discover what exactly craters are.  Pans were placed around the room, and students were given a ruler and rocks of various sizes. They were asked to drop the rock into the pan (which looked like the moon’s surface), and then measure the depth, diameter, and ray of the crater.  Rocks were dropped at various heights as well.  They loved this experiment!